Superpoze – Brilliant ARTE Concert Festival 2022

Review for Superpoze live @ Gaîté Lyrique, Paris | Nov. 03, 2022 | ARTE Concert France
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Artist: Superpoze
Country of Origin: France
Title: Superpoze – ARTE Concert Festival 2022 – @ARTE Concert
Location: Gaîté Lyrique, Paris
Recorded: November 3, 2022
Genre: Electronica, Avantgarde, Ambient
Platform: ARTE Concert via YouTube
Picture Quality: 1080p
Length: 51:49 Minutes

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Review (German)

ARTE France’s encounter with Superpoze dates back to 2015, at the Festival Scopitone in Nantes. At that time, people compared the young boy wonder to Moonhead, Bonobo or even Mr. Oizo. Seven years later (a leap in time!), it must be said that the producer from Caen no longer needs to be compared to anyone.

Over this time, Superpoze has made himself the architect of a world at once gentle and haunting, built on three albums: Opening (2015), For We the Living (2017) and Nova Cardinale (2022). Superoze has thus created an extremely lush sound universe with a sound musical soundscape , ranging from jazz to avant-garde, ambient and modern classic set pieces to sound clouds full of driving beats.

And yet I want to bring you a little closer to the sound worlds of Superpoze. Superpoze is without any doubt one of the best that continental Europe has to offer in the field of sophisticated electronica. Already the album from 2017 „For We The Living“ had me fully fascinated and excited. Comparisons are difficult, at most Hania Rani, Portico Quartet, Go Go Pengiun and as already mentioned Bonobo want to come to my musical mind in this case. All comparisons may be correct – and also not, because Superpoze is absolutely independent with an immensely high recognition value.

So far so good, but how can the music be described now? Okay, let’s do a little mind game. Close your eyes and imagine you are jumping, open your eyes again and you are standing in the middle of an endless wide plain. In the middle of a never ending expanse, shining silvery in the middle of a black nothingness – all held together by the slowly but constantly changing electronic sound layers of Superpoze.

And what you see is emptiness, with the music of this French artist you can almost physically grasp and feel the emptiness for the first time, the aloneness, the loneliness. Like the loss of people who once meant so much to you and whose faces lose more and more contour in front of this black nothingness.

The music of Superpoze puts you in a state of floating, you accelerate up to the speed of light, only to experience everything in the next moment like in slow motion. This may sound very sobering and a bit threatening, but no, it’s not like that. Superpose shows you this incredible emptiness, but also shows you the beauty and majesty of this state. The addition of drums, piano and guitar again massively reinforces the impression of vastness.

Superpoze’s signature radiates far beyond electronic music. In recent years Gabriel Legeleux, as Superpoze is called by his real name, has realized himself in many impressive musical projects from areas such as rap, French chanson, theater and as a composer of impressive soundtracks. No wonder, then, that his new album Nova Cardinale can impress and enchant with an immensely cinematic touch. With this ARTE Concert Festival gigyou will explore the driving sound clouds of a „place made of sounds“, as Superpoze describes it in his own words.

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The Bottom Line

Cover Superpoze ARTE Concert 11 2022 800

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For We The Living

The new Album: Nova Cardinale

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