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Review for Green Lake Project: Thrust (2022)
Green Lake Project

Artist: Green Lake Project
Title: Thrust
Country of Origin: Germany, Wustrow
Label: 3000Grad
Release Date: DEC 09 | 2022
Format: Digital, CD, LP (Album)
Genre: Progressive House / Techno / Indie Dance

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About Green Lake Project

Green Lake Project are Ronny Mollenhauer aka Mollono.Bass & Stephan Witzovsky from Wustrow in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. The two DJs, live acts, label bosses and festival organizers are among the most important figures in the electronic scene in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Both have their roots in the 3000Grad collective. On December 09, 2022, they released „Thrust“, a pulsating club album with straightforward, technoid grooves, hypnotic rhythms and dreamlike melodies.

Green Lake Project stands for straightforward, technoid groove, which relies on the hypnotic qualities of rhythm and the dreamlike power of melodies. Its transdimensional roving has led Green Lake Project primarily into the depths of the club universe over the past few Earth years. This is expressed on their second album of ten travel logs coded in groove format, whose name could not be more apt: Thrust. All controls are turned up to their respective maximum, the engine parameters are trimmed for efficiency, the trajectory is set exactly at the height of time.

About The Album

In the dancing consciousness, luminous event horizons are opening, where progressive waves of cosmic harmony spill to the shore of the human soul. We are sucked through rotating plasma tunnels, where fragments of long ago rave days penetrate through the misty green. Drilling acid screws, exhilarating leaps in the space-time continuum and hypnotically interwoven vocals transform this ten-stage quantum leap of space techno into a pulsating, modulating, transformative album of extraterrestrial ecstasy.

Die Tracks
Green Lake Project

„The Breach“ is rolling space techno, with vocal offsets meandering on its liquid surface in a fast escape mode. In „Storm At The Moon“ a repeptitive melody seems to spread like from the programming code fragments of an artificial intelligence like fast rising sound clouds, where a weird hynotic force with optimized rhythm is pouring onto the full dance floor.

With „Halo“ we cross a wormhole, which finally hurls us into the gravitational field of a cosmic event, where we are allowed to breathe the cosmic energy of a distant quasar for about 7 minutes. The sharp acid frequencies of an analog Roland TB303 are pulverizing sound textures as if using phaser fire, opening spatial crevices where a vocal sample fog from long ago rave days is spilling out and enveloping the dancefloor. The binary counterpart to this is called „The Citadel“ and sends us to the horizon of our imaginative sound universe with melodies shrouded by smoothly wafting wide silk flowing melodic robes.

The Bottom Line

So, did it turn out well, the second Green Lake Project album after GLP from 2019? Yep, absolutely. It’s so really good, the ideal soundtrack for every Perry Rhodan booklet, and the album is also perfectly suited for every Flash Gordon re-recording. At the latest with HALO, NOSTROMO and ALDEBARAN the flow has got you fully and it seems to you as if you are floating in a space suit with NASA emblem one meter above the ground.

As you open the window you are gliding over the F***ing Christmas market with the THRUST album in your earphones, you pull the phaser, shooting into the night sky illuminating the firmament with the laser bursts out of your phaser. As you loudly shout „The Trouble With Tribbles“ over the crowd down there, the coldly beaming mulled-wine-soaked eyes of the German bourgeoisie are suddenly staring at you.

To be continued, next month in the kiosk near you around the corner.

The album is available with 16 bits / 44.1 kHz in CD quality and sounds amazingly good over the entire frequency spectrum.

  • Resolution 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Höhen / Treble
  • Mitten / Mids
  • Bass
  • Räumlichkeit / Spaciality
  • Music


Green Lake Project Thrust 800

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