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Review for Elderbrook – Little Love – Album + Video – 2023
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Artist: Elderbrook
Country of Origin: UK
Title: Little Love – Live from Colorado
Format: Live Video + Studio Album
Genre: Electronica, Melodic House
Label: Mine Recordings / Warner Music
Release Date : March 31 | 2023
Album: 12 Tracks • 43m 36s / YouTube | 4k | 37:11 m

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24 Bits / 44.1 kHz – Stereo (Stream)

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On 31.03.2023 the new album „Little Love“ by Elderbrook was released by Mine Recordings / Parlophone (Warner Music) and is available on all known streaming and download platforms. At the same time the video „Elderbrook – Little Love live from Colorado“ was released, which is convincing with an excellent picture and sound quality, furthermore the mountain scenery is impressively staged with brilliant drone flyovers.

Elderbrook is known for his soulful, melodic style of house music. If you add the experience that the Brit became a father for the first time at the end of 2020, which is formative experience in every respect, the result is, with a lot of luck, an album like „Little Love“. The second longplayer of the Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum singer-songwriter and producer holds 11 tracks ready, which come along sonically great, positive in the basic mood, uplifting and extremely dancefloor-compatible, while the lyrics process the experiences and feelings of recent years in Elderbrook’s life.

Speaking about the inspiration for the album, Elderbrook says, „For me, it crystallized fairly quickly that at the core should be the all the messages I want to pass on to my children for their future lives. We all went through such bizarre and difficult years during the pandemic, but during this time I was given the greatest gift and the greatest responsibility of all. So it only seemed fitting that my second album be dedicated to that or them – to my little loves.“

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The first two tracks, „Just Like Us“ and „I Need You,“ both set the tone for the rest of the album: powerful, synth-loaded sounds meet soulful vocals and lyrics that deal with the small and big struggles everyone of us has to face on a daily basis – and that unite us for that very reason. It follows with „Howl“ rather like the heart of the album.

The collaboration with Tourist, released as a pre-release last fall, directly addresses Elderbrook’s newborn daughter and was the first track Elderbrook wrote for the project. It’s inspired „by the sleepless nights of carrying your crying child in your arms and trying to bring them some comfort. Then and now, I want them to know that I will always be there for them.“

The melancholic „Wasted On You“ is a reflection on the selflessness that parenthood requires, while „Talk It Over“ is a touching anthem where Elderbrook lays his soulful vocals over a melodic house production by Brazilian DJ superstar Vintage Culture. Other collaborations on the album include „I’ll Be Around“ with American producer Amtrac – currently in the Top 20 on the U.S. „Dance Radio“ charts – and „Beautiful Morning,“ co-produced by Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight (both of ODESZA).

In the coming weeks and months, Elderbrook will be touring internationally for headlining shows and will also play three concerts in Germany in May – tickets are available on sale:

24.05. Berlin, Huxleys Neue Welt
25.05. Hamburg, Factory
26.05. Frankfurt, Zoom

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The Bottom Line (Max. 5 of of 5 Stars)

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The Bottom Line

Previously, Elderbrook could not really convince me completely with his sound, for me everything came across as a little too sweet and nice. But that all changed when I heard Elderbrook’s ingenious collaborations with Bob Moses, and also when Nora En Pure played Elderbrook’s stuff a lot in her DJ sets and on her Purified radio shows. So when the new album „Little Love“ was announced, I had to admit that I was very excited about it, especially since the various pre-release singles had impressed me already.

And I’ll make it short: „Little Love“ has become a fascinating album, one of the best I’ve heard in the last three years. The basic mood of the album is exceedingly melodically positive, relaxed, genuine and credible, and acts as a real emotional amplifier.

The sound is perfectly suited to the happy moments in life, but also to the situations in life when our hearts get heavy. Moreover, Elderbrook is able to easily pull people onto the dance floor like a magnet. The whole thing is pretty good.
The video from the Colorado Mountains is also very impressive with its stunning 4K picture and a flawless sound.

The album is available on Apple Music as a stream in hi-res with 24 bit/44.1 kHz and sounds very good, although the treble range could sound a bit clearer and more precise in some rare moments.

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