Ameli Paul: Echoes of Memoria – brilliant Album – 2022

Review zu Ameli Paul: Echoes of Memoria – brilliates Album – 2022
Ameli Paul

Artist: Ameli Paul
Country of Origin: Germany, Berlin
Title: Echoes of Memoria
Format: Album
Availability: Streaming, Download
Label: Meiosis
Release Date: Dec 02, 2022
Genre: Experimental/Electronic
12 Tracks | 50m 33s

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Berlin-based electronic duo AMELI PAUL aka Franziska Ameli Schuster (vocals, electronics) and Paul Valentin (electronics, guitar) released the fantastic debut album „Echoes of Memoria“ on December 2, 2022 via Berlin-based label MEIOSIS. The album is available on the most popular download and streaming platforms.

With their first longplayer „Echoes of Memoria“ Ameli Paul deal with topics like self-expression, fears and deep introspection and have created brilliant soundscapes. The two exceptional musicians combine multi-layered avant-garde electronic production techniques with slightly neo-classical instrumentation and garnish it all with poignant musical storytelling. The result is an impressive trip through very unique electronic soundscapes on an up-and-coming Berlin electronic label.

The album with the formative key singles „Encore“ and „Musca“ comprises twelve different vocal productions and turns out to be a thoughtful and extremely coherent work, which live gains even more expressiveness. Each track on the album represents a particular phase in AMELI PAUL’s turbulent relationship, which dates back to 2016.

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As musical border crossers, Ameli and Paul transcend the sonic boundaries of electronica, alternative synthpop, breakbeat and opera sensibilities, creating their own musical microcosm that breaks away from normative conventions and familiar listening habits with an almost unbelievable appeal to listeners and fans alike.

Franziska Ameli Schuster as a classically trained singer and award-winning jazz musician and Paul Valentin as an experienced producer of electronic music enrich each other immensely in every minute of their musical collaboration and with the album „Echoes of Memoria“ they have worked up the common experiences, impressions, emotions and encounters of the last seven years in an immensely impressive way and provided the work with an independent, unmistakable and very personal signature.

All in all, the album is a musical diary that honors the personal transformations and changes, the inner turmoil to the point of their separation including all the diverse personal precious moments that they were allowed to share with each other.

AMELI PAUL said about the album:

„We have been working on this album for two years. Now, finally, our protégé takes its first breath. Our idiosyncratically grown plant that has struggled through all the shared moments of conflict, doubt and frustration, is now straightening itself through moments of inspiration and is regaining the confidence and acceptance of who we are. With „Echoes of Memoria“ we close a chapter, but we will forever carry the roots of our identity in our hearts…“

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With „Echoes of Memoria“ Ameli Paul have delivered an excellent multi-layered debut album with fascinating electronic soundscapes. Every track on the album is pleasing, „Encore“ comes along with impressive classically tinged timbres and Amelie enchants with her excellent vocal acrobatics.

The track gains even more expressiveness with the fascinating Ruede Hagelstein remix, the same applies to „Musca“ in the Yubik remix.
The album is available in 24 bit / 44.1 kHz in hi-res format and is without any flaw across the entire sound spectrum.


  • Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Höhen / Treble
  • Mitten / Mids
  • Bass
  • Räumlichkeit / Spaciality
  • Music

The Bottom Line

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