Joplyn: Sant Jordi 02 – 2022

Review to Joplyn – Sant Jordi 02 – Album – 2022
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Artist: Joplyn
Country of Origin: Germany, Berlin
Title: Sant Jordi 02
Format: Album
Label: None Of The Above – N.O.T.A. Berlin
Release Date: Nov. 04. 2022
Genre: Deep House, Melodic Hose
11 Tracks • 59 m 01 s

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Berlin based songwriter, producer and singer JOPLYN released her second album SANT JORDI 02 on November 04, 2022 at the label „None Of The Above Berlin“. The album is available on all known download portals and streaming platforms.

The driving deep house production with melodic authentic beats and multilayered electronic soundscapes is on the one hand irresistibly attracting fans and listeners to the dancefloor. But the album is also excellently suited for use at home on the big stereo soundsystem due to the excellent production with Joplyn’s typical fragile melodic vocals and the incredibly catchy instrumental hooks and first-class melody and harmony leads.

About Joplyn
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Joplyn is a young up-and-coming songwriter, producer and singer from Berlin with German, Vietnamese and Canadian roots. The second album „Sant Jordi 02“ was created as an music project by Joplyn’s stay in Ibiza’s Sant Jordi district in early 2022. Jo has developed herself massively in production work and arrangement skills since the debut album „Pappelallee 01“ from January 2021.

New excitingly staged electronic multidimensional soundscapes with constantly evolving new influences and approaches as well as a huge fund of creative visions have left a lasting mark on the album „Sant Jordi 02“ and made it a little jewel. With depth and a solid foundation, Jo deals with themes such as time, memories, falling in love, coming home or losing oneself in a moment.

The Album „Sant Jordie 02“

„Sant Jordi 02“ is a musically diverse album, deeply rooted in the segment of serious electronic music, and does not need to fear comparison with the works of Nora En Pure. The driving production is highly dancefloor compatible, the fragile melodic vocal lines as a typical Joplyn trademark score with fascinating, heart jumping, slightly melancholic brooding instrumental hooks. For Joplyn, however, the focus of her works is always on the vocal lines, which very cleverly ensure the high recognition value.

The perfect melange of deep house grooves garnished with some melodic techno, some tech house beats and the distinctive vocal lines of Joplyn make up the special appeal of the album. On the other hand Jo never neglects the Berlin down-to-earthness and the closeness to her colleagues who have always inspired her.

Joplyn is currently almost non-stop on tour, which in turn influences the textures of her sound and her production style in an extremely positive way. This lends a beautiful looseness to the overall look of her work, where tension and release, extended dynamic musical ramps and larger „drops“ skillfully harmonize.

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The melancholic stomping deep house track „Stains“ was pre-released as the first single. The entire lyrical idea for it came from a dream Joplyn had some time ago. In this dream, she found herself in an abandoned, dilapidated room – filled with remnants of her own memories. These included moving paintings, writings, liquids and their reflections on the bode, plus traces of smoke, fingerprints, stickers, holes in the wall, and objects lying around.

Joplyn comments, „I remember exploring every bit of this room, walking around, touching it, smelling it … It was like physically exploring my subconscious. When I woke up, the first thing I did was write the following words on a piece of paper: „I SEE STAINS OF LOVE. WRITINGS ON THE WALL. FADING IMAGES. STAY FOREVER IN THIS PLACE“; these are now the lyrics of the chorus. To me, that’s a very special song.“

The second single, „I Want To Believe,“ calls for appreciating each present moment, thus reminding us of the transience of life. Ultimately, it’s a song about hope for a path toward redemption and toward the certainty that the good will always ultimately prevail. „If words were our waters, I want to believe that it rained. If time was an open bid, I want to believe that I paid. And if sleep kept us wide awake, I want to believe that I dreamt. If trust was the end of the road, I want to remember the way…“. And these are, in a word, truly brilliant lyrics.

The Bottom Line

With „Saint Jordi 02“ Jo has delivered a fascinating album, which belongs to one of the best of this year. On the one hand, the arrangements are incredibly loose and inevitably pull us onto the dance floor. The songs are also substantial and score with excellent lyriscs. In typical Joplyn manner, the whole work is very song-oriented and very cleverly focuses on Jo’s impressive vocal lines.
The album is available in 24 bit / 44.1 kHz hi-res format and sounds excellent all around. You can purchase and download it at qobuz for a good price in hi-res.

  • Resolution: 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz
  • Höhen / Treble
  • Mitten / Mids
  • Bass
  • Räumlichkeit / Spaciality
  • Music

The Bottom Line

JOPLYN SANT JORDI 02 Album Cover 800     Resume: see text! Max. Score: 5 Stars!

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