Forma – In Control EP – 2022 [EN]

Review for Forma – In Control (EP) – 2022

Artist: FORMA
Country of Origin: Argentina
Release date: May 27th 2022
Format: 4-Track EP
Genre: Vocal Electronica, Deep House, Melodic House
4 tracks – 21:45 min

cd silver 45

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16 bit / 44.1 kHz Hi-Fi


Available at Apple Music in
24 Bit / 44.1 kHz hi-res

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Following the success of their highly acclaimed March 2022 EP „THE PEAK“, Argentine trio FORMA now releases their new 4-track EP „IN CONTROL“, their keenly anticipated debut on the Anjunadeep label, founded in London in 2005 by Jono Grant, Paavo Siljamäk and Tony McGuinnes, better known as Above & Beyond.

About Anjunadeep

No question, it is tantamount to ennoblement when artist is allowed to release on Anjundeep, because the Anjuna cosmos with its two labels Anjunadeep and Anjunabeats is a landmark in electronic music, immensely influential and keeps growing, as could be seen just recently with the foundation of the new downtempo and ambient imprint called „REFLECTIONS“.

Some critics also speak slightly ironically of an „Anjunademie“, as the three labels put out a veritable flood of releases month after month, and you can certainly speak of a somewhat very slick, polished Anjunadeep sound. Moreover, the question arises whether the various label and A&R managers of this empire can really give all acts the necessary intensive care and attention to be successful in the long run.

About the EP „IN CONTROL
Forma In Control

With releases on Edu Imbernon’s label „Fayer“, in addition to the labels Spectrum Spools, The Bunker New York and MEIOSIS, FORMA – consisting of Juan Hansen, Pablo Damian and Rocio Giorgi – has been able to export their sound all over the world since their beginning in 2020, and they have continuously expanded their fan community with inspiring live performances in countries such as Brazil, USA, Canada and China.

FORMA’s is probably the most agile representative from the „Vocal Electronica“ sound universe, a genre that was almost considered to be included in the lists of endangered species. But FORMA’s musicality with their exquisite female singer Rocio Giorgi have turned the wheel around and are almost something like the flagship ensemble of the genre Vocal Electronica. The 4-tracker is perfectly arranged from start to the end and shows the sense of this formation for unbelievable and melodic compositions, which should also please fans of ambient and downtempo sounds very much.

The title track IN CONTROL opens the EP and combines luxuriant synths with the multi-facetted expressive vocals of Rocio. STILL ALIVE scores with broken understated driving beats and multi-phonic vocals carried in parts by Pablo. Hold You, on the other hand, convinces with the vocals of Pablo, discreetly assisted by Rocio. As an addition there’s the 6:42 long extended mix of „IN CONTRTOL“, which knows to convince on the entire line.


„IN CONTROL addresses the importance of emotional support, the value of a hug or an encouraging word in a difficult time, and how a simple gesture can have such an impact and make us feel alive again.“ This EP has a special place in our hearts and we hope you will welcome it with the same love as we created it.“

About FORMA:

The live project FORMA by Juan Hansen, Pablo Bursztyn and Rocio Giorgi has brought a breath of fresh air to the world of vocal electronica with its hypnotic cloudy driving multi-layered soundscapes paired with some subtly avant-garde analog experimentation. Following the release of their highly acclaimed Hollow EP in July 2021 and a captivating live performance at MUTEK, the international festival for digital creativity and electronic music, the Argentinian trio returned in March 2022 with the brilliant EP THE PEAK. The EP’s title track was selected for the new season of the US television series „Power Book“ even before its official release, and has since become ear candy for millions.

The Bottom Line

FORMA’s latest opus is convincing with musical diversity however always immersed in FORMA’s wonderful world of vocal electronica, which already has earned support from artists such as Gorgon City and Nandu. Their „IN CONTROL“ EP is a further testament to their continued success and the band’s immensely high level of authenticity. „Still Live“, the third track of the EP, is a real acoustic eye-catcher and gives the listener the typical FORMA WOW-Effect over and over again.

The EP is in Hi-res format 24 Bit / 44.1 kHz and sounds fantastic over the entire frequency range. Can we all get a Dolby Atmos mix of the EP as well, please? I think that would sound outstandingly good. Reference: IMMERSIVE LAB in Berlin, contact person Eric Horstmann (Okay, this was a hint for future times)

Rating for Forma – In Control EP
Forma In Control
Format 24 Bit /44.1 kHz
Höhen / Treble
Mitten / Mids
Räumlichkeit / Spaciality


Max: 5 Points


Mein Testequipment:

Studio 1 (High End):

  • 2 x System Audio SA Mantra 50 (front)
  • 1x System Audio SA Mantra 10 AV (center)
  • 2x System Audio SA Legend 5 (Rear)
  • 1 x System Audio Saxo 10 (Subwoofer)
  • 4 x Onkyo SKH-410 (B) (Dolby Atmos)
  • Auralic Altair (Audio Streaming Client mit max. 32 Bit / 384 kHz)
  • NVIDIA Shield Pro mit Plex, Kodi (max 192 kHz für  Audio, Tidal (MQA Streaming Client)
  • AppleTV 4K (Streaming Client) Dolby Atmos, HDR, Dolby Vision
  • Amazon Cube 4K (Streaming Client) Dolby Atmos (restricted), HDR, Dolby Vision
  • Panasonic DP-UB9004 (4K UHD Player) Dolby Atmos, HDR, Dolby Vision
  • Oppo UDP-203 (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Player) Dolby Atmos, HDR, Dolby Vision
  • Yamaha CX-A5100 (Preamp) 4K, Dolby Atmos, Hi-res
  • Yamaha MX -A5000 (Power Amp)
  • Sony KD-55A1 (TV) 4K OLED, HDR, Dolby Vision

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