DarkCar: Brilliant Video: Spooked Horse – Video – 2022

Review for DarkCar: Spooked Horse – Video – 2022

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Country of Origin: USA, New York City
Personal: Ashley Selett (Vocals, Lyrics, Arrangements), David Terranova (Artwork, Fotos, Videos, Production)
Title: Spooked Horse
Label: Self-Distribution (DIY)
Release Date: Nov. 02.2022
Genre: Electronica
1 Track • 04:42 minutes

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Video available on YouTube
1080p | 16. Nov. 2022


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On November 16th, 2022, DarkCar aka Ashley Selett & David Terranova released the video for their new single „Spooked Horse“ via YouTube. I already reviewed the single on November 2nd, 2022, you can read the review of this extraordinary production here.

The song is about a wealthy young woman who grew up in a carefree environment with horse breeding and classic noble values. Now she is in a fight for her life and the question of how she can have the courage to find her way into completely different worlds that are strange and frightening to her.

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Ashley Sedlett & David Terranova

The video was again produced by David Terranova, who did an excellent job. With each video production, DarkCar’s releases gain significantly in expressiveness. They also subliminally trigger flashbacks of the individual’s own emotional life in the viewer’s mind.

David Terranova has built in a lot of anchors in this fantastic video. They activate and bind the attention of the viewer again and again, while David follows the lyrics of the song very closely. The sequence with the young woman slowly climbing the stairs of a feudal building, pausing thoughtfully and shyly on the mezzanine, reminds me a bit of scenes from American Horror Story TV Show.

Then, for a few brief moments, the symbol for atoms appears in her eyes. Forms lose their shape, dissolve, and even beautiful flowers seem to have no permanence. In the final sequences, she enters a room with a faintly glowing fire in the fireplace, followed by a scene with otherwise peaceful horse creatures that seem to shy away from each other in the glaring light.

Finally, a flickering, stylized white light appears between the branches of a tree, seemingly transforming into an all-destroying firestorm. It has a deeply disturbing visual effect that reaches into the deepest recesses of our souls if we understand this flickering white light as the last vestiges of an evaporating humanity.

I had already suspected that the test passage „so it goes“ was a possible key to accessing the song. When Ashely told me that the lyrics were taken from Kurt Vonnegut’s literary classic „Slaughterhouse Five“, I was completely taken aback. Kurt Vonnegut is one of my favorite authors (Breakfast for Champions).

Some years ago, about the lines from Kurt Vonnegut’s literary classic „Slaughterhouse-Five“, an unknown commentator said the following:


„In a nutshell, what it means to me is that the relentless universe doesn’t give a damn about our lives, and it’s up to us to make of it what we will. Sometimes that’s pretty bad, and sometimes it’s great. So it goes. Sometimes horrible things happen to innocent people, so it goes. Sometimes the most beautiful things happen to terrible people, so it goes. Sometimes things turn out the way we want them to. So it goes.“

So David Terranova paints, at least in my mind’s eye, a thoroughly dystopian and sad visual picture of the future. The path to a new life that we have to take on this planet does not seem very promising. But it could also be that DarkCar is sending us a warning with this video that we have to be devilishly careful which path we want to take for our future. And we should always remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But so is ugliness as well.

Or maybe my not-so-positive view of the world is influencing my interpretation of the video. It could be, of course.

David Terranova has already published a whole series of impressive videos, which you can watch at this link. I will also include some of these videos in the accompanying playlist.

The Bottom Line:

Ashley Selett and David Terranova aka DarkCar have released a brilliant video for their single “Spooked Horse”. It is truly a small audiovisual masterpiece that will stay with you for a long time.

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The Bottom Line

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