Deorbiting: Brilliant Live Set feat. Thym’Art @ Schöneweide – Video – 2022

Review zu Deorbiting Live Set feat. Thym’Art @ Schöneweide by Berlin Brothers
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Title: Live Set feat. Thym’Art @ Schöneweide
by Berlin Brothers
Artist: Deorbiting
Country of Origin: Germany
Label: Stil vor Talent Records
Video-Produzenten: Berlin Brothers
Release Date: 01. Dezember 2022
Genre: Electronic, Dance
10 Tracks • 01.04.41

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in 4K 3.840 x 2.160

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When three giants of Berlin’s cultural life Deorbiting, Berlin Brothers and Stil vor Talent join forces, the result can only be great. And so it is. On December 1, the Berlin Brothers released the Deorbiting video „Live feat. Thym’Art @ Schöneweide by Berlin Brothers“.

The „Berlin Brothers“ had already been able to prove their finesse more than a year ago with the release of the video „Schtu Live @ Grabowsee„. Since that time we have been in loose contact with each other, and so I was informed on April 12, 2022 via Instagram that the Berlin Brothers had produced a video together with Deorbiting. And I was already looking forward to this release since April 2022.

About Deorbiting

There is something very special with Deorbiting. Since the addition of the Austrian drummer Bernhard Raser, they perform as a trio and they are able to fully convince with their hybrid sound (electronics + drums + bass).

Deorbiting press by Daniel Heitmueller 800

Due to the first-class sampler „15 Years Stil vor Talent, Part 2“ of the „Stil-vor-Talent“ label by Oliver Koletzki I became really attentive and curious about Deorbiting in the middle of 2020. On the sampler there is the track „Spaziergang im All“ („Walk in Space“), which has probably burned itself into my auditory canal forever.

In March 2022 I was offered the new album „Space House“ for review, which was released on 18.03.2022. You can read the review of this fantastic album here: Review to Space House by Deorbiting on WaterDomemusic (English and German).

The sound of Deorbiting can be aptly described with the term „Space House“ and captivates with a wonderfully easy-going fluffy independent character with an immensely high recognition value.The soundscapes of Deorbiting indeed seem like little acoustic sciene fiction soundtracks, memories of „Buck Rogers“ and „The Trouble with Tribbles“ and Captain Kirk come to mind.

It is very difficult to compare Deorbiting to other acts, the sound of the trio is too independent and unmistakable, at most the one or other parallel to „Ströme“ from Munich may be present. Even though the musical approach of Ströme with their wall-sized modular synths is completely different.

The video „Deorbiting (Live Set) feat. Thym’Art @ Schöneweide by Berlin Brothers“

The album „Space House“ alone I have already listened to countless times up and down and is for me next to the album „Saint Jordan 02“ by „Joplyn“ (also from Berlin) one of the absolute highlights of the year 2022. I wished for nothing more than an extended video live set of Deorbiting.


And the „Berlin Brothers“ fulfilled my wish perfectly. „Deorbiting (Live Set) feat. Thym’Art @ Schöneweide by Berlin Brothers“ is an audiovisual gem, the „Berlin Brothers“ have masterfully staged the already very cinematic sound of Deorbiting.

I like to compare the „Berlin Brothers“ with the French video godfathers of CERCLE, but the Brothers are much more authentic than CERCLE ever used to be, and in contrast to their production Berlin Brothers never tend even a hint towards overproduction. Much more, the „Berlin Brothers“ incorporate many beautiful gimmicks of the Berlin art scene. Thus the productions seem very symphatic and endearingly berlinish. Just let yourself be surprised and enchanted.

Also in the Deorbiting video there are again wonderful drone fly-overs from the „Cine Hawks“ over the Berlin cityscape dipped in dark clouds, just as if these impressive drone panorama shots wanted to warn us of the looming dark times on these planets.

About Berlin Brothers

Berlin Brothers was founded in 2020 by three brothers. After spending the last 6 years in very different places and professions, they finally got back together one fine day – in a big way. Each of them brought different skills and experiences to the new project „Berlin Brothers“ and they synchronized the different personalities to a new big cultural vision. Now the „Berlin Brothers“ have become a collective and a community of brothers, sisters, friends and supporters.

berlin brothers 800
Berlin Brotrhers

Nowadays we are confronted with millions of art publications and thus we get into the middle of a vicious circle of unreflective consumption. This is exactly where the Berlin Brothers want to start. Their mission is to restore the intimacy and directness of the contact between artists and audience. The Berlin Brothers work ceaselessly to put the beauty of Berlin and its art and culture scene in the right light, thus bringing the vibes between artists and fans back into sync.

Berlin Brothers are a platform for artists and audiences to connect these different wonderful worlds and allow the energies of pure joy in art and the interaction with the audience and fans to flow freely.

The goal of the „Berlin Brothers“ collective is to enable the artists to express their art within the network they have created, thus jointly creating expressive audiovisual performances as well as impressive release events, furthermore promoting the Berlin community building and thus allowing deep insights behind the scenes of the cultural city of Berlin. In this way, „Berlin Brothers“ enrich and share the understanding and knowledge of the city, its art and music scene, and repeatedly illuminate forgotten, abandoned and hidden places in this great metropolis – always regardless of gender, orientation, color of skin or nationality.

The Bottom Line:

The video „Deorbiting (Live Set) feat. Thym’Art @ Schöneweide by Berlin Brothers“ is exceedingly skillfully staged in 4K with an impressive play of colors, adorable art gimmicks and first-class drone shots – world class in sound and image.

Deorbiting, the „Stil-vor-Talent“ label, the ingenious „Berlin Brothers“ and not to forget „Joplyn“ have finally made me a Berlin fan and stand for Berlin’s creative art and culture scene. In addition, of course, „Einmusik“ and „Watergate Label and Club“. In the first half of 2023 I will consequently relocate to Berlin and thus giving my life the final drive.

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The Bottom Line

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