Klangstein – Lightning EP – 2022

Review for Klangstein – Lightning EP – 2022
Facts about the EP
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Artist: Klangstein
Country of Origin: Germany
Title: Lighning EP
Format: Single
Label: Sine Music
Release Date: 16. September 2022
Genre: Dance, House, Electronica
4 Tracks – 16 min

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24 Bit / 44.1 kHz Hi-res, Stereo

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24 Bit / 44.1 kHz Hi-res, Stereo

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On September 16, 2022, the stirring label Sine Music from Villingen-Schwennigen in the Black Forest has released the new 4-track EP „Lightning“ by Klangstein. The EP is available in all known download stores and streaming portals.

Klangstein is just like from the beautiful Hessenland, moreover, he is with his releases on my favorite label SineMusic on the road, and thus he already benefits from a rich home advantage since the release of the incredibly good album „Orbit“ from 2015.

With the incredibly coherent flowing spherical album „Viela“ from 2021 Klangstein started to hit a really big blow. The part was masterfully arranged from front to back and has with the rework of the track „Ganz Leise“ one of those few tracks on the album, which act like an eratic block and signpost and show the listener the way in a direction of which he did not even know how much he would like this musical wonderland, which he enterinfg it „very quietly“. If I remember correctly, even Nora En Pure had this on the playlist as a special request in one of her weekly Purified radio shows.

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But let’s move on to the new EP „Lightning“. Klangstein opens the setlist of his latest EP „Lightning“ with atmospheric harmonies and a good hand for song progressions. The EP features danceable house and electronic tracks. Tight drums meet smooth soundscapes and give the impression of a reinterpreted 2000s style in electronic music. „Lightning“ follows a harmonic flow that makes the 4 tracks appear in a very bright, beautifully positive light.

The throbbing opener HouseMouse with electronic vocal offsets, as found on INAMAR’s early works, is very convincing with beautiful hamonielines. And who doesn’t like to have a mouse in his House … or doesn’t like to sit in his House with the mouse at the PC – oh please, … can someone give me a hand and get me out of shallow word depths before I run aground? Thanks INAMAR.

The whole thing is danceable at all times, moreover, Klangstein shows himself with this work also a wink playful, what you can admire in the track „Lightning“. The track starts with a light progressive housy flair, only to float away with a smiling staccato beat in the glistening sunlight over light foggy britjazz realms. Very nice, really well done!

Top track on the EP is the flowing playful „Iceberg“, a track that just inspired me in naming a possible new Instagram project „The Iceberg Model“. I have already saved it as an Instagram page. All that is missing so far is INAMAR and then we’ll plunge together right into a new Instagram adventure. Thanks for the inspiration Torben, this track really has a Nordic tart cool laid back ambience, which I exceedingly like. I haven’t whistled along to the main theme of a track in a long time – really.

The Bottom Line

Klangstein has been producing electronic music for over 20 years and has worked with well-known companies in the advertising and event industry. According to his musical style, he likes to work with sound elements of the 80s and combine them with contemporary and timeless instruments and arrangements.

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The Bottom Line

Klangstein Lightning EP Cover 800


With the Lightning EP, Klangstein has managed to combine musical influences from different decades that just fit together perfectly and bring something completely new, catchy, danceable, beautiful on the way.

The EP is available with 24 bit / 44.1 kHz in hi-res format and is excellently mastered.

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