INAMAR – Falling Into Your Arms – Single – 2019

Review for Falling Into Your Arms – Single – 2019
Facts about the Single „Falling Into Your Arms“

Artist: INAMAR
Country of Origin: Switzerland, Zürich
Title: Falling Into Your Arms
Label: INAMAR/Spinnup-Universal
Format: Single (Digital)
Release Date: ca. 2019
Genre: Deep House / Melodic House
1 Title ● 4:46 Minutes

Lossless - 42

On SoundCloud available in
16-Bit / 44.1 kHz (Lossless) stereo

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„Falling Into Your Arms“ is the debut of INAMAR. When I first heard this track in 2021, INAMAR had taken me by storm. The track is an absolutely enchanting, sparsely arranged deep house number, with pearly keyboard lines and INAMAR’s beautiful voice.

Unfortunately, the track has disappeared from almost all streaming platforms and is only available in a DEMO version on SoundCloud. INAMAR had released the track in 2019 via Spinnup, Unversal Music Group’s DIY digital distributor. However, this service will only be available to select musicians, whoever that may be, as of July 19, 2022.

The works of other artists had been removed from the platform after that deadline. In order to continue to offer the music on streaming services such as Spotify, Apple, Amazon Music or Tidal and Deezer, artists must switch to another digital distributor. For this, a migration tool is or was offered on the part of Universal for support.

„Falling Into Your Arms“ is such a beautiful track that literally cries out for a rework and a new release. However, something like this comes with a certain financial cost, especially if you are not tied to a label as an artist or with the track itself. If this should be the case, dear INAMAR, let me know and we’ll start a crowdfunding campaign.


With this (for the time being) last review, the complete work of INAMAR is now completely addressed in detailed individual reviews. On the one hand, I’m happy that it’s finished now, because I promised it to INAMAR and hope that I can surprise and enjoy her a bit with it.

On the other hand, it’s a bit heavy on my heart because the work is done, and I’ve never reviewed the complete works of an artist en bloc before, but at the same time, in the case of INAMAR, it gave me immense pleasure. It is something exceedingly special when you are allowed to immerse yourself in every little detail of an artist’s works so that you are constantly discovering new things that have not been heard before.

It was now more than a week when I was allowed to work on the reviews of INAMAR’s productions, it was exciting, I was permanently immensely curious to get to know new musical sides of INAMAR. The fascinating thing about music and working on it is that music comes from the heart and can flow into the soul of the listener. And with that, you not only get to know the multi-layered musical sides of the artist, but you also gain a little insight into the personality of the person.

To create music, as INAMAR does, but also like Einmusik, Nora En Pure, Eelke Kleijn or even Ben Böhmer and Nils Hoffmann are doing, well this is something deeply human and therefore the greatest gift a human being can give to another. And this is exactly what INAMAR does from day to day, in every second of her musical work.

INAMAR gives joy every day with her work. This in turn, with her positive attitude, makes her a truly good person and for me, as I see myself as part of the music scene, she has become one of the most important people ever in my life. Artists of this caliber are not exactly plentiful.

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