Gretel Haenlyn – Echoes with Jehnny Beth – @ARTE Concert – 2022

Review zum Video Gretel Haenlyn – Echoes with Jehnny Beth – @ARTE Concert – 2022
Facts zum Video

Artist: Gretel Hänlyn
Country of Origin: UK, London
Title: Echoes with Jehnny Beth – @ARTE Concert
Plattform: ARTE Concert France
Auflösung: 1080p
Record Label: VLF Records
Recorded: 22. Juni 2022 / 1080p
Published: 15.09.2022

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Gretel Hänlyn comes from London – West London, to be exact. Madeleine Haenlein aka Gretel Hänlyn grew up with the music of Nick Cave, Nirvana and Tim Buckley and has created her own musical universe influenced by Gothic and Grunge. With the role models and these musical timbres, she is of course spot on with „Echoes with Jehnny Beth“.

Supported by three great musicians on bass, guitar and drums, Gretel Hänlyn presents songs from her debut album „Slugeye“ on „Echoes with Jehnny Beth“. And we want to talk about the band in a little more detail now. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a band live that brought so much joy of playing on stage. The fun of playing together was visible from the first to the last moment.

I couldn’t take my eyes off Anuoshka, she is certainly not the most dynamic drummer on the planet, but in terms of precision and timing she is incredibly fantastic. Together with the really good bassist Edd Paul, they roll out the rhythm on the midtempo numbers and the ballads soulfully but extremely effectively towards the audience. But when it becomes necessary on gripping numbers like Motorbike or Apple Juice, Edd pushes the bass sequences from up here from the 4th floor down to the basement, which then blows the damn gas heater to pieces.

Gretel Hänlyn
© Jay Izzard

Everything is also perfectly in tune on the guitar front, with Chico Parada mastering his guitar craft to perfection and harmonizing excellently with the all-around perfect guitar skills of Gretel Hänlyn. And Gretel? What can I say? What an impressive personality, what an incredibly intoxicating voice that can definitely go up pretty high, but also way down into the smoky basement where she then meets Edd’s last evaporating bass sequences. Gretel has a fascinating stage presence and, being only 20 years old, an aura and facial expressions that completely overwhelm you.

With the fast numbers like “Motorbike”, “Honey”, “We’re All Going To Die” and also “Apple Juice” Gretel and her band are taking you by storm, then with the beautiful ballad “Connie” the plaintive almost breathy voice of Gretel is making your heart feeling very, very strange for the first time.

With the heartbreaking ballad „Better“ it gets really intense, Gretel crouches on the stage and literally breathes into the microphone, rises and walks around the stage with feeling, breathing the text passages into the microphone, showing her enormous vocal range.

And you can’t help it, tears of emotion are running unstoppably down your face. Because you feel what you just experienced live: one of the best live acts on this planet, and I mean that without any pathos.

Thank you, Gretel, thank you, Edd, thank you, Anoushka, thank you Chico. Because we just arrived at the credits: Special thanks also to Kevin Jianoran, who was responsible for the perfect sound at this gig.

Gretel’s vocal range, has already earned her comparisons to Hannah Reid (London Grammar) and Florence Welch (Florence & The Machine). The comparison with Florence Welch, however, is limited at best, with the shallow pop excursions of Florence & The Machine, which have worn out terribly after five times listening, Gretel Hänlyn has thank God nothing to do

And even the comparison with Hannah Reid from London Grammar is very daring. Sure, there are one or two parallels, but Hannah Reid is more like the daughter-in-law dressed in white that everyone in the town you come from thinks is great. Your parents, mean uncles and dumb aunts – they all think she’s great because she looks so sweet and can sing oh so well. Everybody likes her, the daughter-in-law in white, until she unexpectedly disappears never to be seen again.

Gretel is quite different, exactly the opposite, she makes a fuss, her endearing subliminal friendliness is basically ignored. Everyone in the town feels provoked by her mere presence – but you don’t care at all, because Gretel stands by your side with her music and you trust her for life – and the others? Fuck them all.

Aufzeichnung vom 22. Juni 2022 im Yoyo, Paris

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  • 4 x Onkyo SKH-410 (B) (Dolby Atmos)
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  • Yamaha MX -A5000 (Power Amp)
  • Sony KD-55A1 (TV) 4K OLED, HDR, Dolby Vision

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