Gretel Hänlyn – Drive – Single – 2022

Review for Gretel Hänlyn – Drive – Single – 2022
Facts about the Single
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Artist: Gretel Hänlyn
County of Origin: UK, London
Title: Drive
Format: Single (Download, Stream)
Label: VLF Records
Release Date: 04/10/2022
Genre: Alternative, Indie
1Track • 2:58 min

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On 04.10.2022, powerhouse Gretel Hänlyn reported back with her brand new single „Drive“. The track is the first release since the release of Gretel’s acclaimed debut EP Slugeye and follows a summer of touring that included a sold out debut headline show, appearances at Green Man and Wilderness Festival, and guest appearances at Glastonbury, All Points East and Primavera respectively alongside Mura Masa.

The single is accompanied by a fascinating visualizer, which you can watch here:

„Drive“ may on one hand represent the departure into an era of self-discovery for Maddy Haenlein aka Gretel Hänlyn, but I see it more as a transformation than a break with the musical past. And Gretel shows her highly confident and appealing side on her new single „Drive“ as always. The song was written during a tour in which she craved fast-paced fun and hysteria in her performances.

Yes, “Drive” may well now sound like an experimental departure from the narrative indie textures of her debut EP, and may well be from me a bold refreshing of guitar rock by one of the UK’s most intriguing new frontwomen. But really, it was clear that Maddy is always good for surprises, and that’s a good thing, because this surrounds her with a mysterious aura and makes her fascinating.

And „Drive“ is fascinating, the track is shimmering, moody and is running an intoxicating video in your head cinema. On the one hand it sounds a bit like Goldfrapp under speed, until the middle of the track you as a listener and fan experience a breathtakingly fast drive out of Gretel’s personal escape zone with blowing hair, open car top and with high speed into freedom and away from the regulations of tour life.


But then it gets spooky and the driver of the cabriolet turns out to be a bit of ghost rider and the ride in the open Caprio mutates a bit into a ride with John Carpenter’s „Christine“. And Gretel likes this thrill – and so do we, even if we don’t like to admit it out loud.
„Drive“ is exceedingly cinematic and creates videos in your head that seem a bit like deadmau5’s garish video stagings, the kind he would probably create to best suit this track.

Bottom line, all I can say is „Well done Gretel“, Drive is a lot of fun and it is, yes, surprising. And Gretel is very welcome to keep doing her thing.

Gretel talks about the track and explains, „I’m so excited about what I’m doing musically right now, which I take as a really good sign that I’m doing the right thing. And I feel like I’m getting closer and closer to my musical self-discovery with each track. I also love how I use my femininity and then total neutrality in my music, girly, creepy vocals behind totally genderless music. I’ve also gotten really into the lyricism, not holding back and allowing myself to say things I might have thought twice about in the past or thought were uncool.“

Gretel will continue her live career with a series of shows this fall, including two landmark performances for Pitchfork in London and Paris in November. All tour dates below.


DateLocationCity Country
08 Oct 22YALA!, Lower ThirdLondonUK
28 Oct 22London Calling AmsterdamNL
13 Nov 22Pitchfork FestivalLondonUK
19 Nov 22Pitchfork FestivalParisFrance
26 Nov 22Super Bock em StockLisbonPortugal

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